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Construction Jobs Overseas

Opportunities in International Employment

The construction industry is one of the world’s top employers, with demand for skilled labour continuing to proliferate despite economic recessions.

No matter a country’s economic problems, buildings and other structures continue to be developed. Those looking to improve their construction careers abroad have no shortage of options from which to choose.

Your Construction Employment Prospects in Foreign Countries

The growth of industries such as tourism and transportation in many countries involves the building of structures like hotels, housing, and transport facilities. More often than not, employers hire from local labour pools as well as from abroad for various reasons: to ensure the project gets done on time, to minimize on manpower costs, etc.

Included in today’s hot markets for international construction careers are rapidly developing countries such as Russia and South Africa. Areas in the Middle East, such as Dubai and Kuwait, continue to invest large amounts of money in the development of medical, tourist, and residential facilities. Similar trends are seen in China, where the pace of building construction has picked up in recent years.

When it comes to the variety of jobs available, the list of construction vacancies is almost endless. Look at the classified ads and you will see openings for positions such as carpenters, bricklayers, ceiling fixers, plasterers, joiners, engineers, electricians, and concrete formwork specialists. Those with managerial skills will find that there are listings for construction management jobs as well.

Pros and Cons of Being an International Construction Worker

Working abroad has its advantages and disadvantages, and being an overseas construction worker is no exception. For one thing, some workers find themselves unable to cope with the culture shock that comes with working in another country. Unable or unwilling to adapt, they search for jobs in other locations or go back home.

Sometimes, work conditions are not ideal for those with families. A number of construction camps or accommodations in various locations are built for single people, with hardly any facilities for the worker’s family.\

The number of working hours required daily can put some people off as well. However, salary is usually commensurate to the number of hours worked. So putting in the extra time can be financially beneficial.

In addition, some employers are also known to offer extra financial advantages. For instance, pay allowances are given to help shoulder the costs of flying to and from home. And, as mentioned earlier, accommodations are usually provided.

An intangible benefit of working overseas, of course, is the opportunity to live in a different culture. People with a sense of adventure are most apt to find an international construction job a personally satisfying experience.

Improve Your Chances of Finding an Overseas Construction Job

Your skills and knowledge naturally play an important role in improving your chances of landing a job in the construction industry abroad. It’s true that the more extensive your relevant employment experience, the better your career prospects. However, don’t be downhearted if you don’t have decades of experience behind you. Nowadays, many multinational companies are willing to hire even new graduates.

Make sure to craft a comprehensive CV, highlighting your skills, experience, and interest. Submit your resumé to reputable recruitment firms or employment agencies. The legitimacy of a job firm cannot be emphasized enough: deal only with an agency that is qualified to do business, and that conducts business aboveboard.

Participating in foreign job forums is also a good idea. Members are usually ready to offer helpful advice regarding issues like which recruitment companies to use, the kinds of job openings in their area of the world, and tips on adjusting to local living conditions.

Having a successful career or job contract abroad isn’t dependent on the luck of the draw. Do your research, take advantage of the numerous employment resources both online and offline, and you’ll find yourself better equipped to land one of those construction jobs overseas.